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Somos a Sónia e o Diogo!

Temos 32 anos e para além de partilharmos o mesmo lar, partilhamos ainda outra paixão: Comida! Adoramos cozinhar, comer e sonhamos com tudo o que há ainda por experimentar e criar. Pouco a pouco esperamos que se juntem nesta aventura por entre tachos e panelas.

Venham acompanhar-nos nesta deliciosa aventura!

homemade chocolate barks: the ideal treat to offer in Valentine's day

Next week is dedicated to Valentine's Day! And nothing better than a gift made by us to offer to our loved ones. Whether they are our boyfriends, our parents, or our friends, this little treat will make everyone happy! The past weeks before Valentine's Day, it's all about what gifts to offer .. but tell me, is it not more sweet and romantic to make your own chocolate barks and offer in a transparent bag?

We love how easy it is to change the flavors by adding almonds, spices, fruits, citrus zest, etc. For this recipe we choose the following flavors: 1. a black chocolate with fleur de sel, almonds and orange zest. 2. a vanilla-flavored white (and vegan) chocolate with pistachios and dehydrated raspberries. We advise you to use good quality chocolates in the preparation of these barks. If you want to buy the vanilla-flavored white chocolate, you can find it in the Celeiro shop or in organic supermarkets that was our case, we bought it near home in an organic market called AMOR BIO. The black chocolate is from the brand Kaoka and easily found in any supermarket.

We would like to know if you tried them, follow us on Instagram @thehealthysins and if you make these barks mark your photos with #thehealthysins!


- one black chocolate bark with fleur de sel (we use this one)

- one vanilla-flavored white chocolate bark (we use this one)


- pistachios, q.b. - dehydrated raspberries - almonds - orange peel

- fleur de sel


Start by melting both barks into separate bowls in a water bath. While the chocolate is melting, chop the pistachios, dehydrated raspberry and almonds and scrape 1 orange. Once the chocolate has melted, pour it on parchement paper and quickly spread with a spatula the chocolate to form a bark in the shape of a rectangle. Spread the toppings over the chocolate even before this set. Take it to the refrigerator, or to the freezer for best results. Ideally it should be left for a few hours, but if you are greedy like us, we immediately eat them when solidified. When cutting, use a good knife and immerse it in hot water to cut the bark into pieces.

Put some pieces in a transparent bag, tie with a string and give a romantic touch with a flower! It will leave your soul mate melted!


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